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Peter’s Picks

8 Jan

By Peter Struzziero

I’m proud to announce, the official unveiling of my very own FAVORITES display. I will now (and for the foreseeable future) keep a collection of all my favorite stuff, right next to my desk. I have a cart which will display “Peters Picks”.


2012 has come to a close, and I was less than 100 checkouts away from breaking the all time YA Record.  2013 is a whole other story though.  New YA Non-Fiction will be on display for a few months in the New Book Room when it arrives at our door. All new YA Fiction will have a chance to be on display as well, on a table next to the seating in the YA Department. Come on in and check out the new layout.

In addition to these changes, yes, my favorite stuff will be on display, and I won’t discriminate. I’ll have Books, Movies, XBOX Games, Graphic Novels, Manga, Audio Books…… you name it, all types of items will have a spot on Peter’s Picks.

Come in and check a few out today, lets start early and break the record in 2013.

Any suggestions on new things I should buy? Hey…. make a list. No seriously, make a list and bring it in. If you can make a decent argument for popular YA Materials that deserve a home in Scituate, I’ll more than likely take your advice.