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Love is in the Air!

14 Feb

By Toni Snee

Looking for some good romantic DVD’s?  Try one of these oldies:

Proposal (Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds)  Faced with deportation back to Canada for an expired visa, a high-powered editor enlists the help of her frustrated male assistant.  Marry her and he gets a promotion!

Sweet Home Alabama (Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas) A rising star in the New York Fashion scene returns home to divorce her slacker husband to marry the man of her dreams.

 Just Wright (Queen Latifah, Common) A physical therapist, hired to work with an injured NBA All-Star falls for her client.  Unfortunately for her, he has eyes for her friend who wants to be a trophy wife.

Hitch (Will Smith, Eva Mendes) Date Doctor falls for a gossip columnist he meets while helping his latest client date the woman of his dreams.

Definitely Maybe (Ryan Reynolds and Rachel Weisz) Ten year old daughter begins to question her father about her mother and why the couple divorced.

My Life in Ruins  (Nia Vardalos and Alexis Georgoulis) Out of work teacher in Athens agrees to help her friend by acting as tour guide for group of Americans on a world-wind 4 day tour of Greece.