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New Picture Books for Sharing!

31 Dec

By Toni Snee

This year I found selecting books for my 7-year old nephew a somewhat daunting task– what does a 7 year old like?  My nieces at this age were easy — Jan Brett and Alexandra Day– but boys are so different.  I listed to how much Ann Lattinville, the Children’s Librarian, laughed out loud as she cataloged some children’s book a few weeks before Christmas.  The following 4 books made the biggest impact, so I purchased copies for my nephew.

Unfortunately there was a bug going around my nephew’s school and he managed to catch it right before Christmas.  The nice thing about him being sick is he’s quiet and just wants to snuggle with anyone who’ll read to him.  In three days’ time, I had these stories memorized!

Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin

Dragons love tacos

Did you know that dragons LOVE tacos?  They love all kinds of tacos: chicken, beef, cheese, any kind.  But dragons don’t like salsa– any way, shape or form.  Read this story to see what happens when you mix dinosaurs + tacos + salsa.

I Loathe You, by David Slonim

I Loathe You

Did you know that monsters loathe each other?  Find out what happens when a young monster worries that his parents don’t loathe him enough.  According to Amazon, “unconditional loathing is monsterly love in this sweetly humorous picture book.”

Christmas Wombat,  by Jackie French

christmas wombat

In the second wombat book by Jackie French, the wombat thinks Christmas is just like any other day until she smells carrots.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, can come between this wombat and carrots–  including Santa’s reindeer.  Exhausted from fighting with the reindeer, wombat finds a cozy spot for a nap–  in the back of Santa’s sleigh– and learns that carrots are available all around the world.

I am so Handsome,  by Mario Ramos

I am so handsome 2

He’s back– the wolf from “I am so strong”–  now he wants to know who is the most handsome creature in the forest.  Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson the last time.

Each of these books is available in hardcover from the Scituate Town Library. Stop by and check one out! Or place a hold and we’ll call you when it’s available and then you can come and pick it up! Visit the online catalog to place your hold.