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The Quiet Times…

20 Dec

By Peter Struzziero

The library tends to be a little quieter than usual during the week before December 25th and the week leading up to New Years. Why is this? Oh come on, you know exactly why.


It’s the season for driving around, seeing all those relatives, sitting in traffic, and singing holiday tunes in the car perhaps. Lots of things are happening: dressing up nice, lots of cooking and eating, and maybe watching a little football if time permits.

We at the Library remain available however. It tends to be a quiet time, since everyone is so busy. What does this all mean really though?

First of all, it means that your library is standing by ready to help you (and possibly you alone depending on your timing). Ever wander into a movie theater at an odd time and realize that you are the only one in it? It’s nice in a personal sort of way, isn’t it?

Our books, e-books, DVDs, music, magazines, graphic novels, audiobooks….just all of it… will be here waiting to be checked out. Odds are, some of the more popular items that are usually checked out… won’t be. Excellent opportunity to come in and find the things you want.

Don’t forget too: if you receive a new device as a Holiday gift and… well… have no idea how to use it…, we can help with that. iPads, Nooks, Kindles, iPhones, you name it…we are pros. Come on in and let us teach you all the tricks and how to get the most out of the library with your new device.


So to recap: we know you’ll be busy but we’ll still be here, happy to say hello and provide you with a good book or a movie for your Holiday.

The Scituate Town Library will be closed December 23rd-25th. We will close at 5pm on December 31st and be closed on January 1st. Otherwise… we’re all yours.