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Django Unchained – Coming to DVD Soon!

18 Mar


By Peter Struzziero

The return of Quentin Tarantino to the director’s chair was spectacular, as expected, and FUNNY! In his latest blood-spattered adventure, we are brought back to the years just before the Civil War began, when this free land was in fact not-so-free. The film tells the story of Django (Jamie Foxx), a freed slave turned bounty hunter, whose sole purpose in life is to seek out his still-enslaved wife. Django’s new mentor and partner is a dentist, also turned bounty hunter. Angry with the slave trade in general, and inspired by the Django’s story, the two join forces, guns ablazing.

In a way that only Tarantino can, he directs a fleet of actors, mostly in roles they’re not accustomed to. Jamie Foxx is out for revenge? Christoph Waltz is bloodthirsty, yet full of compassion? LEONARDO: A BADGUY?

Top notch performances from all the leads, and in fact, from everybody. Samuel L. Jackson in particular earns a tip-of-the-cap for the meatiest Tarantino role he’s had in 15 years.

Missed it in the theater? Get ready to watch it for free on DVD from your local Scituate Town Library. Rated R.

PS – We have a few thousand others DVDs too, for while you’re waiting.