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Christmas Tunes!

21 Dec

By Toni Snee

Looking to listen to something different this holiday season?  Try one of these CD’s.

The titles below are owned by Scituate Town Library we have listed their their call number in parentheses. Stop by and check out a few!


James Taylor at Christmas (Christmas 3096)

Home for Christmas – Celtic Woman (Christmas 772)

The Gift – Susan Boyle (Christmas 3655)

Rocky Mountain Christmas – John Denver (Christmas 1092)

Jingle Bell Swing (Christmas 2447)

Brasilian Christmas (Christmas 1444)

Home for Christmas – Irish Tenors (1816)

Christmas with the Rat Pack (Christmas 3659)

Christmas – Celtic Thunder (Christmas 3652)

Christmasville – Mannheim Steamroller (Christmas 3710)

Merry Christmas, baby – Lou Rawls (Christmas 3711)

Merry 1940’s Christmas (Christmas 3583)

Christmas with the Beach Boys

Noel – The Priests (Christmas 3670)

Reggae Christmas from Studio One (Christmas 2149)

Christmas Music of Johnny Mathis (Christmas 2445)

Pops Christmas Party (Christmas 1426)

Charles Brown Cool Christmas Blues (Christmas 1428)

Christmas Cheers – Straight No Chaser (Christmas 418)


More Christmas Movies!

13 Dec

By Toni Snee

Fitzwilly: stars Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Feldon, Edith Evans. 


Courtesy of IMDB

Dedicated staff, led by the butler Claude Fitzwilliam, attempts to keep up appearances for their employer, Miss Vicki.  By misdirecting deliveries and swindling patrons in bars, the staff has been able to keep Miss Vicki comfortable.  Miss Vicki comes up with the idea of writing a dictionary for dopes and hires a secretary to help with the task.  Soon the secretary realizes that something is afoot and attempts to stop the mischief.  The staff decides on one final job, big enough to keep Miss Vicki comfortable for life – they will rob Gimbels Department Store on Christmas Eve.

We’re no Angels: stars Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, Aldo Ray. 


Courtesy of IMDB

Three escaped convicts from Devil’s Island arrive at a coastal town, where they plan on stealing clothes from a store and stowing on an outbound ship.  Instead they stay on to help a family being exploited by the store owner.

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Movies: More Great Selections

13 Dec

By Toni Snee

Looking for something else to watch this holiday season? Try one of these!

Christmas in Connecticut: stars Barbara Stanwych, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet and SZ Sakall.


Courtesy of IMDB

Elizabeth Lane, a famous food writer, has been deceiving her publisher and fans. Instead of being a domestic goddess on a farm in the country with husband and child portrayed in her articles, she is in fact a single woman living in NYC who can’t even boil and egg. The magazine publisher decides that Elizabeth should host a returning war hero for the holidays. Now she has to marry, find a child and a farm in the country, plus learn how to cook before her cover is blown.

Donovan’s Reef: stars John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Jack Warden and Elizabeth Allen.


Courtesy of IMDB

Two war veterans live on a beautiful island in French Polynesia: “Gun’s” Donovan owns a bar and Doc Dedham, who is the local doctor, widower and father of three young children. “Boats” Gilhooley jumps from a passing freighter to visit his former shipmates. Doc heads out for a two week trip to other islands in the area and places his children in the care of Donovan. A supply ship brings the prim and proper Miss Amelia Dedham, Doc’s oldest daughter, to the island. The former shipmates concoct a plan to pass the children off as Donovan’s and try to get a message to doc about the arrival of his eldest daughter.

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Movies

11 Dec

By Toni Snee

Christmas time movies: Are you looking for something different to watch this holiday season?

Tired of the same old stories? Then try one of these great movies!

Bell, Book and Candle: stars James Stewart and Kim Novak.


Image courtesy of IMDB

A Greenwich Village witch, Gillian Holroyd, is interested in her neighbor, Shepherd Henderson, a publisher. Gillian discovers that Shep is engaged to one of her former college classmates who Gillian dislikes. Gillian casts a love spell on Shep so falls out with his fiancé. Things backfire and Gillian falls for Shep. Shep turns to another witch to break the spell cast by Gillian. A year later, Shep returns to the neighborhood and learns that Gillian has lost her powers and closed her shop.

Joyeux Noel


Image courtesy of IMDB

December 1914, German, French and Scottish soldiers call an unofficial truce in the trench warfare for several days at Christmas.

The Bishop’s Wife: stars David Niven, Loretta Young and Cary Grant.


Image courtesy of IMDB

An Episcopal bishop prays for divine guidance for help to build a new cathedral. The bishop has lost sight of his family and why he became a churchman in the first place. Enter Dudley, an angel sent in answer to his prayers. Things don’t go according to the Bishop’s plan as Dudley isn’t interested in helping to raise funds.