Movies for March Madness, Part 2

16 Mar

By Toni Snee

On the lighter side, try one of these basketball related films:


Celtic Pride

Celtic Pride, staring Damon Wayans, Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd

One way to insure your team wins the championship: kidnap the star player of the opposing team.

Eddie,  starring Whoopie Goldberg, Frank Langella

A New York cabbie wins a publicity promotion and is given the position as ‘honorary coach’ for her beloved team, the New York Knicks.  Eddie turns the team around with her honesty and love of the game.  Things get out of control when the owner of the team announces a move to St. Louis.

Air up There, starring Kevin Bacon and Charles Gitonga Maina

College basketball coach, looking for a big promotion, goes on a scouting trip to Africa and he finds his ticket to the big times.

Like Mike, starring Bow Wow, Jonathan Lipnicki and Morris Chestnut

An orphan becomes an NBA star after putting on discarded shoes with the initials M.J. inside.

Space Jam

Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan

Desperate to save his fellow Looney Tune friends from the evil Swackhammer, Bugs Bunny agrees to a game of basketball in a winner take all competition. Michael Jordan to the rescue!


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