‘Tis the Season for Christmas Movies: More Great Selections

13 Dec

By Toni Snee

Looking for something else to watch this holiday season? Try one of these!

Christmas in Connecticut: stars Barbara Stanwych, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet and SZ Sakall.


Courtesy of IMDB

Elizabeth Lane, a famous food writer, has been deceiving her publisher and fans. Instead of being a domestic goddess on a farm in the country with husband and child portrayed in her articles, she is in fact a single woman living in NYC who can’t even boil and egg. The magazine publisher decides that Elizabeth should host a returning war hero for the holidays. Now she has to marry, find a child and a farm in the country, plus learn how to cook before her cover is blown.

Donovan’s Reef: stars John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Jack Warden and Elizabeth Allen.


Courtesy of IMDB

Two war veterans live on a beautiful island in French Polynesia: “Gun’s” Donovan owns a bar and Doc Dedham, who is the local doctor, widower and father of three young children. “Boats” Gilhooley jumps from a passing freighter to visit his former shipmates. Doc heads out for a two week trip to other islands in the area and places his children in the care of Donovan. A supply ship brings the prim and proper Miss Amelia Dedham, Doc’s oldest daughter, to the island. The former shipmates concoct a plan to pass the children off as Donovan’s and try to get a message to doc about the arrival of his eldest daughter.


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